Choosing the Right Programming Language for your Career

IT industry is always growing. More and more jobs for programmers are being created everyday. Artificial Intelligence and industry automation are replacing human employees with machines, but they cannot replace programmers as they need them to create automation and constantly make them better and smarter. So, if you are planning to pursue your career in programming or software engineering then you should choose wisely and choose now.... Continue reading

Installing and Working with PHP Without any Server

It's very tempting to think that PHP programs cannot be run without server applications like Apache or Nginx. Absolutely incorrect. Beginner PHP programmers install XAMPP, MAMP, WAMP, etc. stack to start programming with PHP. PHP can be used standalone without any server stack or server application. As we are going to learn PHP like computer scientist, we are not going to use PHP as ordinary people do.... Continue reading

Understanding & Working with Strings in Python 3

Computers understand bytes but humans don't. Machines can read data in binary but humans can’t. So, along with creating data structures for machines, computer scientists created data structures for humans too. Among all types of data in any programming language, string is the most user friendly and best understood by humans with bare eyes.... Continue reading

Career In Cyber Security

In the current world of automation and competition between human and machine your future is at stake.  So, before you take decision on choosing your career think twice and choose wisely. Millions of people are losing their jobs everyday, newspapers’ horrible stories are not serial-killing now – it’s unemployment and economic collapse. Think twice when you are thinking of career shift!... Continue reading

Python 3 Programming Basics

Python is the most trending programming language nowadays. Again, in recent years it is the most wanted programming language. Use of Python ranges from daily life scripting to Artificial Intelligence programming. So, there is no good time than this for learning Python programming language. In this article we will try to learn the basics of Python programming with Python 3. To exercise with the codes presented here you can use IDLE that comes with Python or you can use any other editor or IDE you prefer.... Continue reading